The NY Times ran this today about M.I.T. Seems a Ms. Jones lied about her qualifications. Her integrity isn’t being questioned, it is a verified fact by her own admission. “I misrepresented my academic degrees when I first applied to M.I.T. 28 years ago and did not have the courage to correct my résumé when I applied for my current job or at any time since,.” Is there another way to say I am a lying b—ch.

“Whenever someone’s integrity is questioned,” (Phillip L. Clay, M.I.T.’s chancellor), said, “it sets a bad example, but I feel like the students can get past that and look at what she’s done for us as a whole.”

I was glad to see the Times actually print something about an American Icon – M.I.T., lying. That to me seems unusual. They don’t really like to talk about liars all that much. You remember Jason Blair and his boss, Raines. A blurb here and line there that was about it. Then there was Walter Duranty. Duranty won the Pulitzer for himself as an employee of the Times by lying to the world about how kind, gentle, caring, and loving Joseph Stalin was. But, it seems its perfectly OK to talk about M.I.T. If it’s about yourself it’s a mistake, a bad example,  but if it’s about your neighbor it’s a sin. We all know that.

However, it should be troubling to anyone whose neurons haven’t been fried by Cocaine, that lying to obtain anything is fraud. Most of the country considers that some kind of crime. Not, however, when you happen to be a bastion of post-modern thought such as M.I.T.

Words have lost their meaning in our culture with no little boost from a Chancellor who “feels,” rather than “thinks” when it comes to issues of integrity. “…it sets a bad example.” You think? Duh! But, of course the students will be able to “get past,” the fraud, deception, selfish-egotism, and cowardice, that prevented 28 years of truthful accountability. What other lies do we live with because of this so-called school.

I would ask this: How can the school trust anything she has done, said, represented, or claimed over the past 28 years. Moreover, how can anyone trust the Chancellor when he dismisses this egregious breach of integrity as “a bad example.”

Jeffrey Dahmer was more than a bad example and Ms. Jones is more than a bad example. Dahmer was a cannibal who lied about his activities, Jones is a fraud who lied to every student, professor, teacher, aide, janitor, and parent, connected with M.I.T., for the past 28 years, concerning her activities. Doesn’t it occur to these people everything she did at M.I.T. was fraudulent because all of it was done under cover of a lie?

If I rob a bank, get away with it, invest the money, and 28 years later get caught, do I get to keep the money? (You know my answer – you can comment with yours) It IS THE SAME THING – PEOPLE. Ms. Jones owes M.I.T., and the people of the state of Massachusetts 28 years worth of salary. She obtained that money fraudulently. Is it beginning to soak in? 

I would ask how many underprivileged Black and Hispanic kids were kept out of that school because of lies told about their eligibility? Will the nation now be thinking about questions of this nature for some time to come. Of course. We are human and like it or not when you lie to me once – your fault, when you do it again – my fault. Years will pass before this “bad example,” is rectified.

But that’s OK! This lying, thieving, fraud, Jones, has gotten enough publicity from her confession to guarantee a best seller on the lying-Times best seller list.

I better go before I get wound up and “set a bad example.”


strangebrew20366532070123.gif …this is where we all wind up!

The New York Times this morning has an interesting article about the way “the law” limits options (read ties the hands) of University Officials.

Federal privacy and antidiscrimination laws restrict how universities can deal with students who have mental health problems. […]

“[…]What we really need to do is encourage students to seek mental health treatment if they need it, to remove any barriers to their getting help, destigmatize it, and make it safe, so they know there won’t be negative consequences,” said Karen Bower, a lawyer at the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law in Washington, who represented Mr. Nott. […]

“[…]They can’t really kick someone out because they’re writing papers about weird topics, even if they seem withdrawn and hostile,” said Dr. Richard Kadison, chief of mental health services at Harvard University. “Most state laws are pretty clear: you can only bring students to hospitals if there is imminent risk to themselves or someone else, so universities are in a bit of a bind that way.” […]

Some of what is quoted in this story is indicative of one thing, I believe, our legal system is insane and should be sent for counseling. For instance, If I have read Dr. Sanity correctly over the years, someone who is insane does not necessarily know that fact. 

If I wear my protective tinfoil hat to keep the mothership from contacting me, and you don’t wear the hat I made for you, I’m not crazy you are.  Everyone knows you are going to get your brain-waves altered. You are absolutely insane.

To prove you are insane it is only necessary you read “the law,” you have allowed to be codified in the United States of America.

Lawyers and Judges,  have twisted so-called individual rights to mean you are not allowed to tell me I’m crazy, let alone do anything about it.

“What we really need to do is encourage students to seek mental health treatment if they need it…,” 

Herein lies the insanity; if I believe the mother ship is sending me brain altering signals does it not follow that a non-insane person would reason I am incapable of recognizing my need for help. In my world I’m not crazy: You are. You are the ones ignoring the signals from the mothership, therefore I must take drastic action.

However, you don’t know I’m considering drastic action because you have not considered the effectiveness of my tin-foil hat. It works, and it works quite well, thank you. You and your kind cannot penetrate the protection of my hat. My hat is awesome, without it I would be crazy.

You can’t possibly know that my hat has informed me to bide my time, act like you act, and on the appointed day carry out the “final solution,” as outlined in the prime directive.  Moreover, even if you do penetrate the force field my hat arrays, you have written some kind of stupid law which says:

“you can only bring students to hospitals if there is imminent risk to themselves or someone else.”

That sentence should speak volumes to sane people, but it obviously doesn’t. Since you can’t know what kind of risk I am unless I tell you in advance I will not get help – will I? Of course, I’m not going to tell you about the communications I receive through my hat because I still understand well enough to know you will attempt to stop me and the prime directive says my mission must be carried out no matter what.

You have made a law tying your hands as regards me, and you have also made it a crime to defend yourselves from me. Who is the crazy person here? I know it isn’t me, therefore, it must be you. Duh!

I have to go now, the mothership has penetrated my shield and I’m getting some very strange instructions that the prime directive says I must carry out.

If I were a student at Virginia Tech and this crazy writing was a Creative Writing assignment, what can you do? Nothing. 

And you call me crazy.

Supposedly Virginia has some kind of law banning guns on college grounds. It doesn’t appear to be working very well. (You know what I’m talking about). It does however, give so-called law makers a few headlines. After all isn’t that the most important activity for elected officials: Posture for the cameras, and suck-up to the cowardly, and the moronic who believe “gun laws,” solve problems.

 Laws against things never seem to work very well. Israel has laws against suicide bombers. We know how those are working out, don’t we? We have all sorts of laws against guns and they do not seem to work out very well.

I’m getting older so of course I really don’t care a whole lot about any of this, other than I hate to see people killed, when by law they are not allowed to defend themselves. I would, however, like to hear an anti-gun person, just once before I die, say: “You should carry a gun for self-protection because, drug dealers, thieves, murderers, the psychopathic, will use them when they go on rampage. You really need to be able to defend yourselves.”

We all know I am more apt to see a pig flying into my tree to roost before that will happen. Therefore, to any who might be inclined to come around my neighborhood or the mall where I shop or the nearby school with evil intent be advised; I may or may not have this (see picture below) concealed on my person and I will use it to defend myself, my neighbor, the school kids, the innocent Moms nearby.

Oh, BTW, I use the softest lead bullets I can safely fire. Do you have any idea what those will do you on the way in and out of your flesh? It is not pretty and whatever part of you I hit probably won’t work very well if it ever heals.

So for those of you who may be thinking about mayhem in my vicinity, try to remember I will defend myself, my wife, my kids and their kids, their friends – well you get the idea.

While I’m on the subject.

The young man pictured above is not Marshall Dillon. He is not paid to confront criminally insane people who are shooting other people. He is paid to clean up the mess left by those folks. If you are ever part of a mess being created for him to clean up, you had better have a gun of your own. He is not coming to your rescue. He breaks down doors when the shooting is over – not before. That hero crap is for fantasy TV.

This young man is going to hide behind a tree, a building, a truck, a barrel, anything – and I don’t blame him – because even though he has a gun he doesn’t want to get shot either. If you are right in front of him pointing a gun at him, then he will shoot. It’s called self defense. What a novel concept!

Isn’t it time we pass a law requiring our law-makers to be examined by several doctors to determine if they in fact have a brain, you know the actual organ,  before they are sworn into office? I fear many of our law makers lack this vital body component.

The only gun law we should have is the one requiring everyone over the age of 21 to own, learn to shoot, and carry a gun. Those under 21 but over 12 may do so if they

Perhaps these kinds of incidents would still occur but I would feel safer – not more wary – knowing you might have a gun to protect yourself and me.

The scariest feeling in the world, if you stop to think about it, is knowing that psychopaths, drug dealers, thieves, walk among us and may have weapons and we law abiding citizens do not. That’s scary.

Amadamnutjob of Iran said:

“You will know that among the detainees there is one lady who is a mother of a child. Why is it that the most difficult work like patrolling at sea should be given to a woman?

“Why is there no respect for motherhood? Why does the West not value its women?”

Winston Churchill said before World War II:

England has been offered a choice between war and shame. She has chosen shame and will get war.
Winston Churchill

Amadinejad’s question, although uttered by a lunatic, is prescient in that he has looked into his Persian crystal ball and seen the hollowness that is Western Civilization. What used to be called Men in the West no longer have the testosterone produced courage to make war. So we send our young women and mothers. To rationalize our cowardice we call it  “equal opportunity.”

Castration of Western Manhood, through mind-manipulation (brainwashing) by Feminazi’s, as Limbaugh would call them, has to be one of the most disgusting, sick, cowardly, anti-woman, irrational, religions since the idea that killing babies by abortion is a right.

The charade played by the West in this so-called “war against terror,” is a crime against humanity. War is not a game. Churchill knew this Chamberlain did not. Amadeinejad knows this the West does not. The West once again has chosen shame.

If we do not kill those who need to be killed in Iran today, this will be the view seen from the suburbs of London, Washington D.C., and other cities in the West as soon as the Persians are able. They believe in Islam and it believes Dhimmis must submit or be killed.

If we do not somehow regain the courage of real MEN; kill those who would kill us, before they have the weaponry to accomplish that; our Western women better begin shopping for Burka’s while they are still allowed to drive. Persian branded Islam does not tolerate women driving or being seen in public uncovered.

The “girly-men” who now rule in the West will no longer have their pornography, or scantily clad women to ogle. What will these wusses do then? They can’t turn to each other as they do in SanFrancisco, the Persians will hang them.

We had better awaken from our stupor, become Men again, and kill those who need to be killed. History informs that is War: Kill or be killed. What is going on in the Middle East is not war, it is a game and it will result in either the humiliation or death of the West by a bunch of rag tag, screwballs.  

**** credit where credit is due: Dr. Sanity coined “Amadamnutjob.” She is great! ****

“Blaming guns for crime rates is like blaming spoons for Rosie O’Donnell being fat.”

Where in the world did I find that quote? I don’t remember. But it is of sufficient quirkyness I believe, to deserve my taking the time to use it here.

Another line I saw the other day which I also liked a lot I have used in the header to this blog:

“Unfortunately, we’ll all be dead relatively soon, so I won’t be around to say I told you so, and you won’t be here to roll your eyes and tell me to shut up.” (Stacy Horn)

I wrote Stacy – who is a writer – to ask if I could use her line, she graciously granted permission. Moreover, she commented that when she wrote the line it “cracked” her up as it did me. That was refreshing; a writer whose writing is enjoyed by her as well as others. Do you have any idea how rare that is. Most writing is done for an unknown audience in the hopes of garnering money. That isn’t writing and it is not art. It is usually trash generated for no other reason than self-agrandizement. Don’t believe that? When was the last time you heard an interview of an “author” who actually liked what he/she had written? That’s what I thought: never.

Most of what I read this morning as I sped through the galaxy of blogs was the usual banal rehash of someone’s link to someone who commented about what someone said about….. My God; Who cares about that drivel or mine? I don’t.

Therefore: Be it know to all (both of you) who read this page from time to time, I am going to change. From this point on I am going to focus on posting only the gems of language usage I find here and there. 

I think this will be a fun project and it will improve the blog world because I won’t be contributing more hokum to pollute the atmosphere.

Now I have to change the name of the blog. Aha! I have it! I will use the internationally famous Mark “the bird” Fydrich’s oft quoted remark: “Ya know, ya never know, ya know.”

For those too young to remember, Mark was a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers in the 70’s famous for talking to the baseball as he stood on the mound preparing to dazzle one or another opposing team member with his prowess.

Anyway I really do think spoons should be universally banned. Rosie obviously would not be such an example of obesity were it not for the ready availability of eating utensils.

Post Script #1 – I found another one I like:

“I’m not really a fan of “Blended Worship” either. That usually degenerates into something like the Sizzler salad bar.”

Obviously this one refers to church Music and its’ deterioration into who knows what. Sizzler salad bar seems and apt description

Mike at Return of Scipio commented about Portland and posted the picture above. When I see what I presume to be humans carrying signs to denigrate the very place that gives them the license to carry such signs I can only think that they should live in places where such license is not readily available. Indonesia for instance:

Schapelle Corby

Indonesia’s Muslim courts gave this Australian a 20-year prison sentence for
allegedly smuggling 9-lbs of marijuana.  The men who decapitated three Christian schoolgirls were given an average of just 16 years by the same Islamic court.

Reason of course is the mechanism most humans use to decide what actions should be taken and what actions are better left undone. In both these incidents I begin to think perhaps Darwin was right and these particular examples of the species somehow evolved without important genes thus restricting their access to reason.

Stupid is stupid but biting the hand that feeds (first picture) and thumbing one’s nose at the laws of a Muslim country (bottom picture) can only be viewed as severe mental handicap of one sort or another.


I posted before I read Dr. Sanity this morning. I know better than to write without first consulting my shrink, but I am getting older and forget. Doc has an excellent read about what currently passes for sanity in our culture. You should read the whole thing.  She writes about the LaCrosse team rape case at Duke Multiveristy (Uni means one or united – I use Multi – to indicate disunity)

[…]Because their ability to think rationally has been severely compromised by (Marxist) ideology, today’s left is bereft of ideas and reduced to relying on mere Marxist rhetoric and tired, worn-out slogans that are trotted out in every circumstance and situation. They dare not face the real and pressing injustices of the world; instead, they mouth the multicultural and politically correct dogma, offically approved and sanctioned by the high priests of their ideology.

The article is worth the time it will take to read it – it is short.

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