Supposedly Virginia has some kind of law banning guns on college grounds. It doesn’t appear to be working very well. (You know what I’m talking about). It does however, give so-called law makers a few headlines. After all isn’t that the most important activity for elected officials: Posture for the cameras, and suck-up to the cowardly, and the moronic who believe “gun laws,” solve problems.

 Laws against things never seem to work very well. Israel has laws against suicide bombers. We know how those are working out, don’t we? We have all sorts of laws against guns and they do not seem to work out very well.

I’m getting older so of course I really don’t care a whole lot about any of this, other than I hate to see people killed, when by law they are not allowed to defend themselves. I would, however, like to hear an anti-gun person, just once before I die, say: “You should carry a gun for self-protection because, drug dealers, thieves, murderers, the psychopathic, will use them when they go on rampage. You really need to be able to defend yourselves.”

We all know I am more apt to see a pig flying into my tree to roost before that will happen. Therefore, to any who might be inclined to come around my neighborhood or the mall where I shop or the nearby school with evil intent be advised; I may or may not have this (see picture below) concealed on my person and I will use it to defend myself, my neighbor, the school kids, the innocent Moms nearby.

Oh, BTW, I use the softest lead bullets I can safely fire. Do you have any idea what those will do you on the way in and out of your flesh? It is not pretty and whatever part of you I hit probably won’t work very well if it ever heals.

So for those of you who may be thinking about mayhem in my vicinity, try to remember I will defend myself, my wife, my kids and their kids, their friends – well you get the idea.

While I’m on the subject.

The young man pictured above is not Marshall Dillon. He is not paid to confront criminally insane people who are shooting other people. He is paid to clean up the mess left by those folks. If you are ever part of a mess being created for him to clean up, you had better have a gun of your own. He is not coming to your rescue. He breaks down doors when the shooting is over – not before. That hero crap is for fantasy TV.

This young man is going to hide behind a tree, a building, a truck, a barrel, anything – and I don’t blame him – because even though he has a gun he doesn’t want to get shot either. If you are right in front of him pointing a gun at him, then he will shoot. It’s called self defense. What a novel concept!

Isn’t it time we pass a law requiring our law-makers to be examined by several doctors to determine if they in fact have a brain, you know the actual organ,  before they are sworn into office? I fear many of our law makers lack this vital body component.

The only gun law we should have is the one requiring everyone over the age of 21 to own, learn to shoot, and carry a gun. Those under 21 but over 12 may do so if they

Perhaps these kinds of incidents would still occur but I would feel safer – not more wary – knowing you might have a gun to protect yourself and me.

The scariest feeling in the world, if you stop to think about it, is knowing that psychopaths, drug dealers, thieves, walk among us and may have weapons and we law abiding citizens do not. That’s scary.