This is too good to pass up. I get the Opinion Journal from the WSJ each day and it is one of the best reads on the Internet. I probably say that because I agree with the opinions of the crew who put this together each day: Most of the time I agree.

Today’s output by James Taranto and Crew was great. He, and they, went through the Imus thing and did what thinking people everywhere are doing and that is wondering why the Poverty Pimps Jacksongue and Sharptongue get a pass.

Anyway I just couldn’t figure if this bit was satirical, or serious so I thought I would comment:

Taranto & Company say:

“First it was Imus. Now another talk-show host is under attack for insensitivity, United Press International reports:

A spokesman for Alzheimer’s patients said U.S. TV talk show host Larry King may owe an apology for his recent remarks about the disease.

Patrick Moffett, author of an Alzheimer’s book, in a news release called on King to apologize for insensitive remarks about Alzheimer’s disease he made during a recent interview with The New York Times. At one point [King] said he would retire “(if), God forbid, I had an onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. That would be it.”

“I’m still a Larry King fan,” Moffett said. “I just think he should be a little more sensitive about Alzheimer’s for the sake of all of us that are dealing with this dreadful disease.”

But King probably won’t suffer Imus’s fate. Alzheimer’s patients generally are willing to forgive and forget.”

The emphasized sentence at the end is what hit my old funny bone. Are they trying to be funny or did that just slip out.  “Alzheimer’s patients generally are willing to forgive and forget.”  That cracks me up. What else can Alzheimer’s patients do but forget? That’s what Alzheimer’s is.  Forgiving, on the other hand,  is difficult for them as they generally forget there is anything to forgive. Where was I. Oh yes, I remember.. then once the grass gets to about 2 inches in length….