Amadamnutjob of Iran said:

“You will know that among the detainees there is one lady who is a mother of a child. Why is it that the most difficult work like patrolling at sea should be given to a woman?

“Why is there no respect for motherhood? Why does the West not value its women?”

Winston Churchill said before World War II:

England has been offered a choice between war and shame. She has chosen shame and will get war.
Winston Churchill

Amadinejad’s question, although uttered by a lunatic, is prescient in that he has looked into his Persian crystal ball and seen the hollowness that is Western Civilization. What used to be called Men in the West no longer have the testosterone produced courage to make war. So we send our young women and mothers. To rationalize our cowardice we call it  “equal opportunity.”

Castration of Western Manhood, through mind-manipulation (brainwashing) by Feminazi’s, as Limbaugh would call them, has to be one of the most disgusting, sick, cowardly, anti-woman, irrational, religions since the idea that killing babies by abortion is a right.

The charade played by the West in this so-called “war against terror,” is a crime against humanity. War is not a game. Churchill knew this Chamberlain did not. Amadeinejad knows this the West does not. The West once again has chosen shame.

If we do not kill those who need to be killed in Iran today, this will be the view seen from the suburbs of London, Washington D.C., and other cities in the West as soon as the Persians are able. They believe in Islam and it believes Dhimmis must submit or be killed.

If we do not somehow regain the courage of real MEN; kill those who would kill us, before they have the weaponry to accomplish that; our Western women better begin shopping for Burka’s while they are still allowed to drive. Persian branded Islam does not tolerate women driving or being seen in public uncovered.

The “girly-men” who now rule in the West will no longer have their pornography, or scantily clad women to ogle. What will these wusses do then? They can’t turn to each other as they do in SanFrancisco, the Persians will hang them.

We had better awaken from our stupor, become Men again, and kill those who need to be killed. History informs that is War: Kill or be killed. What is going on in the Middle East is not war, it is a game and it will result in either the humiliation or death of the West by a bunch of rag tag, screwballs.  

**** credit where credit is due: Dr. Sanity coined “Amadamnutjob.” She is great! ****