John Edwards wants to be President but not bad enough to actually think about what he says: “…Democrats to give Fox [News] a platform….” I would have sworn Fox already had a platform. Don’t they own a T.V. channel or something? 

Edwards complaint is that Fox is not “objective,” in that a debate featuring him would be used to advance some “right-wing” agenda. Being objective means to most of us that we should examine all of the facts, try to determine variances in viewpont, figure out which hold the most validity when compared to reality, then decide which side is believed to be “objectively” true. At least that’s what I think it means.   

  • “We just called the CBC [Congressional Black Caucus] to let them know that we’re looking forward to their debate with CNN but we’re not going to participate in the proposed debate with Fox [News Channel]. There’s just no reason for Democrats to give Fox a platform to advance the right-wing agenda while pretending to be objective.”–Edwards campaign statement, April 6

If Mr. Edwards lived by those kinds of criteria I might be more sympathetic to his beliefs and those of his Missus. However, after reading this:

There Goes the Neighborhood
“Elizabeth Edwards says she is scared of the ‘rabid, rabid Republican’ who owns property across the street from her Orange County [N.C.] home–and she doesn’t want her kids going near the gun-toting neighbor,” the Associated Press reports:

Edwards, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, particularly recalls the time neighbor Monty Johnson brought out a gun while chasing workers investigating a right of way near his property. The Edwards family has yet to meet Johnson in person.

“I wouldn’t be nice to him, anyway,” Edwards said in an interview. “I don’t want my kids anywhere near some guy who, when he doesn’t like somebody, the first thing he does is pull a gun out. It scares the business out of me.”

Johnson says he appropriately brandished the gun to protect himself from trespassers. Mrs. Edwards has more grievances against her neighbor:

Edwards views Johnson as a “rabid, rabid Republican” who refuses to clean up his “slummy” property just to spite her family, whose lavish 28,000-square-foot estate is nearby on 102 wooded acres.

Johnson, 55, acknowledges his Republican roots. But he takes offense to the suggestion he has purposefully left his property, including an old garage he leases for use as a car shop, in dilapidated condition.

Johnson said he has lived his entire life on the property, which he said his family purchased before the Great Depression. He said he’s spent a lot of money to try and fix up the 42-acre tract.

“I have to budget. I have to live within my means,” Johnson said. “I don’t have millions of dollars to fix the place.”

There are two Americas, and Elizabeth Edwards would just as soon not have to look at the other one. Maybe that’s why she is so eager to live in the White House, the ultimate gated community.

So there you have it. Mrs E, is an elite, snob, bitch, who would not deign to lower herself to try to get to know her neighbor nor ascertain why he acted in the manner he did.

Why does Mrs. Edwards remarks remind me so much of Hillary and Mrs. Kerry? One begins to wonder doesn’t one?

Whatever became of the Democratic Party which at least pretended to like the little guy? Oh, I should take that back. Democrats still pander to the “po black folk,” don’t they? Maybe I have them all wrong.