March is known as the month of “madness” for the NCAA basketball tournament held each year. The real madness is, of course, the killing perpetrated in the name of God.

The Religion of Peace keeps a tally of the daily atrocities committed by Islamic radicals around the world.  Take a minute to visit this informative site. The table listing  the “Religion of Peace” body count for the first 20 days of March, (Over 950 and counting) is astonishing.

I don’t often post about this sort of thing but lately about all I have heard on the news is what a terrible thing we Americans and our military are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and I suppose New York because we have military there as well.

Perhaps the media and the cowards in Congress are right. Maybe we should just get out of all the dangerous places on the planet and let the butchers do what they are going to do anyway. Afterwards, when the blood thirst of the Islamist-radicals has been satiated, if that’s possible, we can read how Pelosi, Conyers, Murtha, and the rest of the cut-and-run crowd truly thought the killing would stop when we left these insane people to their own devices.

I am confused by all this however, as I understand the Islamic Government of Sudan is doing the same kind of thing in the Darfur that Saddam did in Iraq, but I haven’t heard the Democrats blame the United States for those atrocities. Now, that I think about it further, where are the Democratic voices to condemn us for what is happening in Ethiopia where once again “Islamic insurgents,” are killing for the fun of it.

What set me off on this was the report I read recently of Iraqi “insurgents,” driving a car into a market area of Baghdad with children in the back-seat, parking the car, walking away, then detonating the bomb with the children in the car.

A car bomb in a market-place is horrible, but to use children to insure access to the market is beyond my ability to rationalize, no matter how I try. Only minds that are sociopathic could indulge themselves in these kinds of activities.

Now I read more energy is being wasted trying to “negotiate” with the psychotics who perpetrate these crimes. I have come to the conclusion the leadership in the Western countries is just as insane as the Islamist wacko’s around the world. The only difference is the degree to which the car bombers in Iraq and their sycophants in the Congress believe themselves to be sanely pursuing a righteous agenda.

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For March 2007  (The list is to long for this post but it numbers over 950 killed just in the first 20 days of March. Religion of Peace, indeed!