I posted here a few days ago then noticed when re-reading that I had written “by” when I meant to say “buy.”

I’m not that concerned about a typo because the meaning almost remained intact. It’s just that, well; you know; pride rears its ugly head. I really do know the difference between by and buy but I’m not sure everyone does, therefore, I post this comment.

Studys have been done to show that our minds will automatically translate a misspelled word into the correct word if context remains intact. I don’t know where I read that but I know it to be true. I have written in the past about the company French Connection United Kingdom and its use of its initials to market to kids; F.C.U.K.  You think you know what you just read – but your wrong. Read it again.

In the states Target wound up being the target of my ire – cut up credit cards sent to the Chairperson of the Board, along with a letter asking her if she let her grandkids shop in her stores. (No reply, of course). 

Where was I? Oh yes! Now I remember. By vs buy. Anyway, I have tried a couple of times to correct this error but for whatever reason my computer and WordPress do not seem to like each other all that much. I have been unable to make the change.

Now, of course since it is more than 15 minutes old, making it ancient news in the blog world, I won’t bother attempting anymore corrections. I just wanted you to know, that I know, what some readers may not know, which is words do have meaning and most of the time I know the difference.