This is all I could find. But then I didn’t look at all the reports either.

In this case I reacted much as would a person of the politically left persuasion; I saw only what I wanted to see.

From this 1998 Judge Robert Borke article:

“She (Reno) was not in charge from the beginning. Upon taking office, in an unexplained departure from the practice of recent Administrations, Miss Reno suddenly fired all 93 U.S. attorneys. She said the decision had been made in conjunction with the White House. Translation: The President ordered it. Just as the best place to hide a body is on a battlefield, the best way to be rid of one potentially troublesome attorney is to fire all of them.”

Specifically Clinton personally ordered the firing of all 93. Not just nine, but all 93, including those who were working on investigations in Arkansas involving him.

The hypocrisy here is so thick it could be solid steel.

Source: Mac’s Mind