Let’s see if I can figure this out. I just paid $2.499 (that’s actually $2.50 ) per gallon for gasoline at my corner Marathon station. I could have driven to the next town and gotten it for $2.399 a gallon but I figured 10 gallons at $.10 cents per gallon savings would be $1.00 – why bother. I would burn more gas than that trying to save. It costs me roughly $.13 per mile in gasoline to drive my car and that doesn’t include oil, maintenance, tires, etc.

Then I read this article from USA today, which  Bill’s Comments made me go read. Of course I got a little aggravated when I read it. I’m aggravated that the moron’s we send to Washington don’t have any more common sense that a bag of dirt.

Since 1981, the U.S. has observed a moratorium on coastal drilling, except for a portion of the Gulf of Mexico and limited areas off of Alaska. The drilling ban was enacted after a series of high-profile oil industry environmental disasters. Perhaps the most notorious: the 1969 Santa Barbara spill that released 3 million gallons of oil in waters off of California, coating 35 miles of coastline with oil up to 6 inches thick.

Last year, the House voted to relax the prohibition on offshore drilling, but the measure died in the Senate. There may be close to 95 billion barrels of oil affected by the ban, according to the Interior Department.

We have an estimated 95 thousand, million barrels of oil (95 billion) within our grasp and we allow environmental Wako’s to tell us we might kill a seagull drilling for it so we don’t drill. What’s up with that?  Seagull’s are just flying rats anyway and besides we clean them off when they get oily.  

Instead of hamstringing ourselves so that we can’t drill for oil why don’t we just annex Cuba, Mexico, and the rest of the so-called nations rimming the Gulf and take the oil.

Too many of the people from those hell-holes are sneaking in here as fast as they can anyway, so why shouldn’t we pay ourselves with their oil for the what they cost us in health, welfare, and other services such as an expanding prison system to contain the violent ones.

Jim Brown
February 22, 2007

Illegal aliens are killing more Americans than the Iraq war, says a new report from Family Security Matters that estimates some 2,158 murders are committed every year by illegal aliens in the U.S. The group says that number is more than 15 percent of all the murders reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the U.S. and about three times the representation of illegal aliens in the general population.

In the end however, I know that political correctness will prevail. The politicians in Washington will continue to believe that all humans are decent, God-fearing, souls at heart and we should just love them because they are oppressed victims. This picture is one of them. Admit it, we all want him to marry our daughters, just as soon as pigs learn to fly.