Yesterday I posted about “judging” and some of it’s ramifications. Today I read in the Gates of Vienna the Baron has run into the same sort of philosophical mishmash passing for “thought.”

[…]He said that it was wrong for me to judge people whom I have never even met[…]

[…]“You haven’t even met these people,” he said. “How can you justify going around spreading all this fear?”[…]

There are lots and lots of people I haven’t met that I would shoot on sight. How’s that for judging? Cambodian followers of Pol Pot come quickly to mind. I don’t have to know them or meet them, to know that they would kill me because I wear glasses. I know this because their actions in the past told me that is what they do. (Read about the Khmer Rouge here

It infuriates me that this nation has allowed its Universities to educate morons such as the “Rev” with whom the Baron had his discussion. The utter stupidity is beyond my comprehension. “…how can you go around spreading all this fear?…” Indeed! All I have to do to help spread it is remember 9/11 let alone the up to the minute information I gain from the Gates of Vienna.

Good for the Baron and Dymphna. At least there are a few good people left who will verbally stand up to the leftist idiocy which presumes thought. 

I like what the Baron said about Christianity.

If Christians refuse to look this truth squarely in the face and deal with it, then Christianity is on its last legs.

Just like Paul told Timothy, and us, in II Tim 3:1 “Know this also that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

Well if you will be so kind as to excuse me;  I have to go clean and polish my guns. When  I need them I want them to be in good working order.

Dr. Jim