McCain is about as exciting as watching dirt harden. Even his website is blah.

I’m no “techy” but I think I could have come up with something more appealing to everyone than a black white and gray lack-of-color scheme.

But that’s just my opinion because I’ve always thought the guy was about as exciting and inovative as a bag of potting soil. 

The only other Demoncrat site I looked at today was Edwards. He has already proved himself to be a moron by hiring “bloggers” one day that he had to fire the “next.” (I assume everyone knows about this. If not look it up. I wouldn’t waste bandwidth linking it.)

The outstanding thing about Edwards is his capacity for stupidity. His site’s opening says it all. Communism disguised as “universal health care,” is not new and anyone who can only steal ideas from Hillary is dumber than she is.  Why don’t he and the Clintons and every other Demoncrat who thinks like them, just move to downtown Moscow.  I’m sure they would be appreciated universally in that setting.  

Did I say Communism? I’m sorry! I meant to say “socialist progressivism.”

The Edwards Plan achieves universal coverage by:

  • Requiring businesses and other employers to either cover their employees or help finance their health insurance.
  • Making insurance affordable by creating new tax credits, expanding Medicaid and SCHIP, reforming insurance laws, and taking innovative steps to contain health care costs.
  • Creating regional “Health Markets” to let every American share the bargaining power to purchase an affordable, high-quality health plan, increase choices among insurance plans, and cut costs for businesses offering insurance.
  • Once these steps have been taken, requiring all American residents to get insurance.

So you see any man who believes “requiring all American residents to get (health) insurance” certainly hasn’t read or doesn’t believe in the same Constitution and Bill of Rights I do.

And, of course, only a true Marxist would believe that “…markets,” can be created. I don’t understand how someone this stupid could even for a moment believe he is electable to the highest office in the People’s Republic of the United States.