I started out the morning with the intent to put some of my thoughts out in the atmosphere. However, when I begn reading some of what is in the ether already,  I changed my mind.

Here’s why. I would probably have never found these paragraphs but for Tammy Bruce. And, her comment about them is priceless:

Tammy says:

Yeah, this is like getting excited if Charles Manson promised to make nice and not have his followers stab anybody in the stomach with a fork anymore. But hey, it’s important to look carefully and wait to see if he really means it. In the meantime, Charlie collects more forks and Islamist savages collect more weapons and bombs.

And here are the paragraphs:

European Union officials said today they were cautiously optimistic about a Palestinian power-sharing deal reached by Hamas and Fatah political leaders in Saudi Arabia, but said it was too early to lift an international aid embargo against the Hamas-led Palestinian government…

EU officials said that experts would look at the accord to see whether it met international demands that the Islamic militant group Hamas, which currently runs the Palestinian government, recognise Israel, renounce violence and embrace prior agreements between Israel and the Palestinians to work toward peace.

The insanity never ends. E.U., officials are “optimistic,” because two terrorist organizations are going to cooperate as one? Talk about “TARFU.” (see below)

Source: Tammy Bruce

After that I wandered over to see what the Assistant Village Idiot was up to and he had this analogy about some negotiation policies:

The chess club thinks it can have a chance against the skinheads if they play chess. They certainly don’t have a chance if they fight. They don’t realize that after you beat the skinheads at chess, they will still beat you up. And, they will be a little better at chess, too, but you won’t, having had your concentration impaired. With your new head injury, you will become a little more like them, just weaker.

Source: Assistant Village Idiot

Well, having had my nose rubbed in good ideas I had to visit ol’ Doc Horsefeathers. The salve he had for me is great.  Seems he was reminiscing about some of the acronyms left us by those who went off to WWII. I related well to Doc’s story. My older brothers were in that War and when they came home they used some of the terms Doc is talking about, “SNAFU,” and “FUBAR.” But I was only a little kid back then and they wouldn’t tell me what they meant. Years later I learned, got a laugh out of them and learned why they wouldn’t tell me what they stood for.

How did I get off on that? Oh! I remember now! Doc says we ain’t too smart when it comes to fighting farmer Abu-Whatsizname.

We must give up our misguided attempt to transform Iraq and Arabia into Western civilization. The Arab street doesn’t get Western political values. Sophisticated Arabs may understand the value of freedom and the free market but they live in London or Jordan, and the average Joe Mohammed just wants to shoot off his AK-47 once in a while and get his two hours of Al Jezeera every night.

It is after reading this paragraph that you can get a feel why G.I.’s  60 plus years ago began saying “Situation Normal, All Fu**ked Up,” which was promptly changed to “SNAFU.”

That’s what we have with this “war on terror.” A “SNAFU.” Mohammed in Baghdad knows this, but the idiots in Washington don’t. Their thought processes about Arab terrorism are “FUBAR.” [Doc Horsefeathers spells them out – go visit him.]

Source: Dr. Horsefeathers