“Ye must be born again…” Jesus said that to Nicodemus 20 or so centuries ago and still we have explain to each other what that means. This truth, in its ‘true’ absolute, objective sense, isn’t something “exteriorized” mankind likes to grapple with. Most of mankind believes it gets in the way of having “fun” which in reality is not living but merely existing – like the animals.

Dr. Bob – Gagdad Bob –  knows this and explains it so well in quoted paragraphs. He uses Islam as his example because it is so blatantly animal-like in its activities. He could just as well have used our Democratic party, or for that matter, the Communist party (is there a difference). These both abhor the truth that “interior man,” cannot be controlled or manipulated.

The exterior man is an interior linked to the exterior. In short, you might say that he exteriorize’s his interior in a manner that is hardly more subtle than an animal. But the Kingdom of Heaven is Within — “within” not referring to a particular place, but to the mystery of withinness as such. Where else could it be? The Great Within is man’s true birthright and true habitat, but how many human beings ever undergo the second birth and make a home there?

This is what makes a barbaric people such as the “Palestinians” so barbaric — I.e., their completely externalizing consciousness that regards olive trees as more real than information. The Jews — pound for pound, probably the most successful group in human history — can thrive under the most adverse exterior circumstances because of hundreds of years of interior training, whereas Muslims can succeed nowhere because of hundreds of years of externalizing consciousness. Go back to 1948 and place the Israelis on the west bank and the Arabs in present day Israel. Today the former would be a little paradise amidst the squalor of Islam, while the latter would be an undeveloped hellhole ruled by hatred and envy.

Source: One Cosmos

I like the phrase “the squalor of Islam.” Is there a better description for it? I don’t think so. Squalor is the delight of despots whether they be religious or political. History teaches that most belief systems, no matter their origins, claiming to be solely for the betterment of the mass of men- “the people,” enrich the elites materially as they confiscate property for themselves and  spiritually bankrupt everyone else. I believe concern for the individual is why Jesus spent such a long time with Nicodemus (read John 3). Each human must choose for himself to externalize the internal – masses of men cannot do this.

How many Kelo decisions do we Americans need before we understand we are no longer a people with the freedoms our founders tried to secure for us with our Constitution. Our founders knew that to be truly free we had to “be born again.” We had to be freed from the oppression of a King then, and live for ourselves as individuals now. We had to externalize the internal. Just as Jesus had to teach Nicodemus how to do this properly our founders instituted “public” schools to teach our children how to do it.

Men have to be taught how to think. We have to be told we can externalize the internal.  It doesn’t take rocket science to know that our schools indoctrinate solely for the external man and absolutely refuse to countenance any hint that men have an internal which needs to be nurtured by a “new birth.” In the case of “public schools,” that used to be training in HOW to think not WHAT to think. 

Because we have a couple of generations now who relate only to the external those of us who are aware of the internal have to live with a political elite afraid to examine these concepts. The result is this:

[…]The teacher failed her for her twice-plagiarized paper, as required by the school’s policies toward plagiarism.

The student protested that the teacher was being too demanding and requested a meeting with the vice principal, her mother, and the teacher. After the teacher provided the evidence from the rough draft and the sources, the student began to cry.

Her mother explained that the student “had worked hard” and “tried to do the right thing.

Result? The vice principal insisted that the teacher pass the student, because she had “obviously tried to do the right thing.” [….] – (article is here)


So the “squalor” of our education system is now so bad that education means no more than  “trying to do the right thing.” I wonder if this school administrator will ever come to the saving knowledge that this child has nothing to inform her of what the right thing is. An externalized human must live without a concept of “right and wrong.” They must live as do our educators in the tyranny of the ever present now moment. Dogs and rats live like that humans shouldn’t.

Is our battle with Islam’s terrorists the right thing? Of course it is, but this girl doesn’t have the internal connection to figure that out and neither does her school administrator. Nor for that matter does the Democratic Congress of the United States. What a shame.