I was wandering around the “web” this morning when I came upon a site with the tag line

“Reported civilian deaths resulting from the US-led military intervention in Iraq.”

“This,” I thought, “looks interesting.” It is very interesting, I believe, because it enumerates what ABC, NBC, etc., refuse to report, the actual body count in Iraq.

However, it also misleads in that most of the casualties I see reported in this database were killed as a result of decades long, if not longer, inter-tribal and religious animosities, being acted on– I assume. But, and this we will never know, many could be just plain murder for the thrill of killing.  Every society has sociopathic murderers, war usually helps hide them or gives them license to kill. And in the chaos of war it is difficult to differentiate between why a sociopath says he is killing and his real motivation, if that actually differs. Did Sadaam Hussein personally shoot individuals because he was a concerned leader or simply because he enjoyed killing? We all have our opinions about that but only Sadaam Hussein knows for certain.

Are the people listed on this database dead because of ideological, tribal, political, cultural differences or simply because whoever killed them enjoys killing? We will never know and that is why war should be conducted ruthlessly. Kill quickly, kill massively, and without mercy thus effecting a quick and total surrender which should include disarmament. This, followed by decades long oversight, might eventually bring about a change of hearts and minds whereby the desert dwellers could learn to live together civilly.  

To this day Japan and Germany would not think of attacking another nation simply because they remember what happened in retaliation for their last attacks. The world killed them on a massive scale and the resultant property damage took them decades to rebuild.

Date Time Location Target Weapons Reported Minimum Reported Maximum Sources…
k4682 26 Nov 2006 8:00 – 9:00 PM Husseiniya, Baghdad followers of al-Sadr gunfire 5 11 AP 27 Nov
CNN 27 Nov
REU 27 Nov
k4683 25 Nov 2006 –
26 Nov 2006
Baquba bodies found 25 25 REU 26 Nov
Al-Shar 27 Nov
k4685 26 Nov 2006 AM Al-Wihda, southern Mosul Fadhila Abdulkarim, employee of al-Iraqiya TV gunfire 1 1 KUNA 26 Nov
AP 26 Nov
k4686 26 Nov 2006 central Basra 3 men and woman in car gunfire 4 4 REU 26 Nov
Al-Sum 27 Nov
k4687 26 Nov 2006 11:30 AM Haswa, near Iskandariyah police checkpoint car bomb 8 8 AFP 26 Nov
NYT 27 Nov
k4688 26 Nov 2006 Karrada, Baghdad mourning house mortar rounds 2 2 KUNA 26 Nov
LAT 27 Nov
k4690 26 Nov 2006 Baquba bodies found 3 3 AP 26 Nov
NYT 27 Nov

My problem with all of this is that too many in leadership positions in the United States seem to have forgotten that there are people in the world who enjoy killing and if they are “tolerated,” and allowed to run free it is only a matter of time until they will come here to kill us. We know there are people like that because in our culture we build prisons in which to isolate them so that they will not kill us. And we know there are people like that elsewhere because, for example, the President of Iran tells us he will “nuke” Israel as soon as possible. I, for one, believe him. Why is it our political leaders don’t believe him?

If we were a serious people, we would live up to the tag line of this database and really be the reason for the deaths in the Middle East. The American Army would be killing these people on such a scale they wouldn’t be able to compile a database. That’s what we pay the Army to do – kill people and destroy property.  

If we were a serious people, we would kill people and destroy property in such a massive show of force that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Palestine and all other terrorist-protector nations would beg for mercy in about 20 minutes.

If we were a serious people none of the above mentioned citizenry would be allowed to keep their AK 47’s nor their Kalashnikov’s. Armed Middle-Eastern citizenry would be a thing of the past and the database above would not be necessary. Instead we would be reporting “bodies found,” and “gunfire,” as the crimes they are just as is done in Detroit, the murder capital of the United States.