has begun a blog which should prove to be quite interesting. I noted with fascination their report about a manual produced by Islamofascist fighters on how to build a UAV. (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

In the past I have posted about the inability of the Islamists to invent or make anything. The Koran teaches that Allah has provided them with all they need so manipulating the material world for their benefit is forbidden.

Yet when push comes to shove they always seem to wind up using a Kalshnikov to shoot with, they don’t have Iranikov’s, or they use C4 to blow up their fellows in the market place, they don’t have E4 (an Egyptian equivalent) nor do they fire rockets made in Palestine, they use Russian rockets.

On November 3, 2006, Islamist websites posted information on constructing UAVs. In the message that prefaced the information, the writer apologized for relying on an illustrated manual for building remote-controlled model airplanes that was written by an apostate, but explained that he had decided to use this manual because the mujahideen still lack capabilities of their own in this field.[emphasis mine. Ed.] As for what led him to take an interest in UAVs, he explains: “Assisting jihad is not [achieved] only by [wielding] a pen and sitting at a computer screen.

Forum participants on the websites debated whether the UAVs should be used to spy on the enemy, or should be loaded with explosives and used to target the enemy.

I would suggest the Islamonuts who steal their weapons because they don’t know how to make them have a serious self-esteem problem. How righteous is it to blow yourself to bits with a product made by the people you want to kill? I would also suggest that perhaps because they have to use infidel weapons to conduct their terrorism, they may in fact be excluding themselves from Paradise. Here’s why!

If I were God and had revealed in my to book to mankind, instructions for living and the told them I had supplied everything they needed; I would certainly look askance at anyone who wanted into my Paradise after using an item invented and manufactured by a non-believer to commit suicide.

What would that say about me, If I were God, and my heaven was filling up with people who didn’t have the brain power to think this thing through? I would either be a very stupid God or the people killing themselves to come see me would have to believe I was. I don’t think Allah is stupid therefore, I can only assume his followers (a) can’t read, or (b) think God is stupid.

If I were God, I certainly would not want to associate throughout eternity with someone who claimed to love me then used a “dimmi” explosive to expedite his contact with me. If I were God I would have a special place prepared for an idiot like that: It would be a place where he could spend eternity blowing himself up over and over. Oh, one other thing, If I were God, there wouldn’t be any Virgins for him either.

And while I’m at it, those women who think I appreciate them blowing themselves up are not getting any studs either. Their reward is spending eternity with the idiots who talked them into this stupidity in the first place. I think they call themselves Imam’s or something like that.

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