Mere Orthodoxy has gone and done it now! They have me thoroughly confused. Just when I was starting to get the hang of this relativism thing: you know the fact there are no absolutes; everything relates back to something else; and, everything we think, feel, do, is just a preference because there is no there – there, outside of our heads: Tex goes and posts an article telling me that punctuation is actually used to convey meaning.

How can that be? Meaning is determined, I am told, by each of us. It isn’t something we force on others. Isn’t that what Derrida taught?

How in the world am I supposed to communicate now, if there are rules and regulations involved – you know – this punctuation thing? Tex makes it sound as though there really are absolutes. What a horrible thought! (tongue in cheek, sarcasm, etc., OK?)

I know so little about all this you’ll have to read the posting. It is very good. And, Tex is to be commended for the subtlety of his language. He is good.

…Punctuation, then, while a simple tradition and not universally
binding, arises out of universal needs and is intrinsically tied to
those needs and their solutions. Its conventionality does little to
minimize its utility and its meaning. The ramifications of such a
notion are wide-reaching when usefully applied to the many conventions
that we are told, with an academic sniff, “are merely relative.”…

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