When was the last time anyone saw a headline that read: “Supreme Court rules for the People of (fill in State Name) upholding the Voter’s Democratic voice? ACLU told to buzz off?”

Court rejects Illinois video game law

High Court rejects detainee tribunals

Court rejects effort to block LNG terminal

High Court rejects patent rulings against Ebay

Court rejects Bear hunt appeal

I don’t know about you but I am beginning to wonder where I actually live.

Having just returned from a vacation in Europe I thought I would be struck by the juxtaposition of European mores with those of the United States.

Probably I would have been; if there were any. Europe is now ruled by an Oligarchy called the E.U., and the United States, if the headlines above are any indicator is ruled by a triune-god composed of Circuit Court, Appeals Courts, and Supreme Court. These two EU and Courts’ – identify themselves with different names, but each comprises a dictatorship by committee.

The actual laws our courts are supposed to uphold apparently have no bearing on the opinions of Judges. We the people represented through our chosen Representatives be damned: The courts rule no matter what we desire.

If Justice What’sisface thinks we should all behave in a particular fashion then the court will make a ruling stating, “so let it be written, so let it be done.”

I think it is time to water Jefferson’s Liberty Tree.

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