Europe, in general, is just about what I expected it to be after several years.
Germany is another matter however, as I had not set foot in that country in over 45 years, so the memories are different.

Much that is German has not changed, nor will it. Buildings, farmers, these seem to be timeless. Of course, there are some new buildings, erected to replace those lost in war, and some to enlarge the capacity for hotel rooms, business and banking. But, ancient and even old buildings are not torn down, as they are in the United States, just to be tearing down and building; busy work some would call it or even progress, but that is a post for another time.


Farmers, naturally, tend to stick to methods that have proven successful for centuries, particularly since land is at a premium and must be carefully husbanded to preserve what growth capacity it has. Tractors are used more now than I remember. I didn’t see a team of oxen anywhere. Horse or ox teams pulling wagons and plows I remembered as being common back in the 60’s.


The Cathedrals still send their spires into the heavens and the constant maintenance of them continues apace. The Munster in Freiberg, started in 1200 ad., completed in 1500,  has its usual compliment of stone-masons gainfully employed in maintenance work as they have been for centuries.


These timeless buildings however, do suffer intrusion on their integrity and awe inspiring dignity, but it is not due to the elements of rain, sleet, snow or smog. Much of what they suffer is due to the engendered imbecility allowed to evolve in the minds of the young who believe, apparently, spray-painting everything with graffiti is some form of worship. There are even books available on how to accomplish this barbarian practice graffiti_art_germany.jpg . What I haven’t been able to ascertain however, is who reads the book to these obviously brain-damaged youngsters.


I would prefer the young, some have called them the Predator-generation, find their solace in the forest, preserving trees and worshipping at a makeshift Gaia alter, as opposed to painting on, or urinating on anything they wish to mark as their territory. My fear is that as this generation of, what can only be thought of as mindless-idiot’s, continues its’ slide into animalism the next thing for it to discover will be that feces can be thrown. Chimpanzees and most convicts have learned this form of  protest, so I can only assume it will not be long until the devolved young among us learn this as well. What feces-throwing will do for the German tourist industry can only be speculated upon. I know I will certainly have to examine my priorities when this eventuality becomes the norm in Germany.


I really didn’t mind encountering the aimless, some call them homeless, bodies littering the Deutsches Post lobby, (the stench was a bit much) but to encounter them as liberated, feces-throwing, Chimpanzee-like, beings will be a bit much even for me. goth21.jpg


Maybe if the liberal welfare system Socialists in Europe were to awaken one day to the fact that other people’s money should not be spent on hair dye for these morons the expense of removing graffiti from every flat surface everywhere would not have to incurred.


Having said all that I must admit I did enjoy my reminiscence journey and I will post more about it later.