Friday we returned from 20+ days in Germany. Saturday I was up at 3:00 am local time, or 9 am German time. Today, Sunday wasn’t much better, up at 4:00 am local time, 10 am German.

Tonite I will try to stay up until 11 or 12 to see if I can’t get the old body back to some semblance of order around the clock I have to live by. I don’t hold out much hope but we will see. If everything goes as planned Monday I should be back on a normal schedule up at a reasonable hour, to bed at as normal.

When I was 20 I could have cared less about the 6 hour time difference between the Eastern United States and Germany. The body, then, was young and supple and it followed my mental commands without complaint. Forty odd years later I am learning who is in charge. It certainly is not my mind nor my desires.

At Sixty plus I have learned the body reigns supreme. If it says “I don’t feel right,” it demands a visit to the doctor for some sort of pill or mechanical manipulation or even, some kind of surgery.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining – complaining, I am only stating a whimpering kind of complaint about being reminded that the present form of life is about over. I believe, of course, that when this body takes it’s leave from “time,” I will have to contend with another form which is entirely unfamiliar and which I am told will be eternal. That’s a long “time,” I hope I don’t suffer Jet Lag on that trip.