pelosi2.jpg Recently the person in the picture was very adamant that certain things must be immediately put in place. These were part of her “new direction,” campaign promises.

Let’s see how long this takes! If this lady can convince the Chinese Government, which controls our ports, to even allow100% screening of half of the containers coming in I promise to vote Democratic for the rest of my life: cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die! So there!

“Democrats are calling for a New Direction. We take very seriously our responsibility to protect the American people. Five years after 9/11, two years after the 9/11 Commission recommendations, and one year after Hurricane Katrina, our first responders, fire and emergency services personnel, still do not have the technology of real-time communication to save lives. Five years after 9/11, we still do not have 100 percent screening at our ports, we still do not have a mandate for chemical and nuclear plants to safeguard them, we still have not brought anywhere near what we need to of fissile material that poses the biggest danger to the safety of the American people. Our ports are not secure, our borders are not secure, and our country is at risk. We could be safer.

“That’s why my colleagues and I sent a letter to Speaker Hastert the other day to say, that in honor to commemorate 9/11, we must immediately pass the 9/11 Commission recommendations. It’s urgent and the suggestions are well-founded, based on a factual assessment of risk and the prospect of their success.

“Democrats believe that a new direction for America is needed to protect the American people.”

As the US economy grinds to a halt by opening and inspecting the cargo contained in each of these sm_captsgeuod87230506141949photo00photodefault-512×342.jpg let’s all keep reminding her of her “new direction.”

Wikipedia says in it’s article about the LA port:

From 2002 to the present, the Port has had a large backlog of ships waiting to be unloaded at any given time. Many analysts believe that the Port’s traffic may have exceeded its physical capacity as well as the capacity of local freeway and railroad systems. The chronic congestion at the Port is beginning to cause ripple effects throughout the American economy and is disrupting Just In Time inventory practices at many companies.

In 2004 this port handled 7.4 million 20 ft. containers (that’s quoted in “equivalent units”). That’s a lot of containers – I think. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 containers per day at this one port alone. For a 10 hour day that would be 2000 containers an hour. Yep, that does seem to be a lot of containers.

Is it real for Pelosi to want to open each of these, fill and file all the paperwork necessary to that task, hire all the illegals it will take to open and close the containers, unload and reload them, (that’s what inspection entails) and still keep them moving toward their final destinations? Come on! Get real!

We know all the “new direction” rhetoric, was only about her giving more tax-money to her cronies, but at least we will have a lot of new stuff to blog about.