I read just about every post Gagdad Bob puts on his site because I believe he has insight I don’t have nor ever will.

I like the “vertical/horizontal” analogy he uses for most things. Of particular interest to me is the vertical as it relates to the horizontal. Well lookee there: You see I have learned something from ol’ Bob. If was still in my former consciousness I would have said “…the horizontal as it relates to the vertical.” There is a difference you know.

One of the biggest differences I have noticed in my outlook is that when I view the reality in which I live with the perspective that ultimately the horizontal is reflective of the vertical, whether or not we like that, some things immediately become clear.

For instance. Two years ago I learned that the voting process in the United States of America was the most corrupt institution on the face of the earth. We had stolen elections, hanging-chads, voters kept from voting only because of skin color, closed polling places, polling places moved in order to confuse, and on and on and on and ….!

A scant two years later with the “corrupt” party having been in charge of fixing all this and it having done nothing to correct these egregious crimes – everything seems to have been perfectly fine on election night.

I haven’t read of one stolen election. To my knowledge no one had to much of a problem actually voting, except for some Democrat politicians who were to stupid to follow the laws they supposedly had a hand in passing. No hanging-chads, just one idiot who put his fist through the face of a Diebold voting machine. Even Ohio has been silent having had all “tears wiped away.” Florida? Not a peep. What a miraculous recovery.

Therefore, I can only conclude God intervened from the vertical to the horizontal to ensure those nasty Republicans did not get away with the corrupt practices they had used to steal the previous election.

And I understand it’s not as warm as it was: Has global warming been cured? What ever happened to that guy who used to whine about that. You know who I mean; the guy who invented the internet.