I’m listening to Laura Ingraham as she dissects what happened last night. At the same time I’m pounding on the ol’ keyboard.


Laura seems to think last night was a referendum on what President Bush has done regarding the war in Iraq and several other items. I don’t.I voted Republican but in a way I’m glad we got hammered.



I don’t know about others but I am tired of Republicans – who palm themselves off as moderate, or conservative – spending money as though they would never be held accountable. People like that are disgusting. They lied to get elected, they lied to attempt to stay in office and I for one am glad they are out.


I’m not going to rehash what we all know but a “bridge to nowhere,” a prescription drug program that no one wanted, perverts stalking Congressional Pages (Foley), thieves paying for for Rolls Royce’s and Yachts (Cunningham) with their congressional votes, is reprehensible. How many millions of dollars of house trailers are now rotting in the swamps of Louisiana because the morons in FEMA don’t know what to do with them? This list is way too long already. Moreover, there shouldn’t be a list like this in the first place or if there is, it should only be in the justice department not common talk on the internet about our so-called “statesmen.”


We are a sick people entangled in our own beliefs of our greatness. Laura just played a clip of Ted Kennedy saying “we (the Democrats) are the best hope of mankind.” God-like thoughts like that spewing from the mouth of a drunken murderer make me want to vomit.


America deserves that gasbag Kennedy; he is after all a reflection of his constituency. Did the Feds ever catch that guy Bulger? I’m certain he voted for Teddy. Him and all his buddy’s and those they murdered.