Michelle Malkin posted this today from The Pasadena Star News.

Kerry charmed the crowd with tales of surfing at Mission Beach and got laughs for a series of one-liners, including telling the crowd he had just returned from Texas, “Where the president used to live – now he lives in a state of denial.”

Kerry then told the students that if they were able to navigate the education system, they could get comfortable jobs – “If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq,” he said to a mixture of laughter and gasps.

I didn’t read Michelle’s comments on this I was too flabbergasted to continue. My thoughts on the self-centered, self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing, manipulative, rancorous, incoherent, thought processes that are emblematic of the Democratic Party and it’s minions were verified when I read, “…if (you students) are able to navigate the educational system, (you) can get comfortable jobs….”

There it is. Nothing about helping your neighbor by becoming a better person through education. Nothing about learning to elevate the discourse of public debate. Nothing about the good that can be done with an education.  Democrats view all that as nonsense and it is not a part their thought. Manipulate, verbalized as “navigate,” to get a cushy tax-sucking job is raison-d’etre of Kerry and his party.

I was immediately reminded of Clinton and Clinton. Nothing those slime-balls do is for any other purpose than their own selfish interests. They have never been Democrats in the true sense of the meaning of democrat, they have always been selfish people with no apparent interest in others. I should qualify that: they are interested in others to the extent they can make you – the other- pay for their handouts.

I do believe it was nice of Kerry to confirm what any reasonable thinker knows. The Democratic party is all about “navigate,” (read manipulate) to serve your own self-interests. If your neighbor, the one Jesus told us to love as ourselves, happens to be opposed to this, tough. Let him do his own “navigation.” After all it was the Democratic Party’s leader who said, “I hate the Republicans.”

Howard Dean

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