Gasoline at my corner station on Monday was $2.09 per gallon. Today it’s $15.73 per gallon.

Not really, I’m just making a point. If this gas price increase were true there would already be civil war in my town.

We would’ve hung the gas station attendant, because he was the only one we could catch, and would be looking for the owner. Him we intended to crucify on a light pole with two nails: One through the groin area and the other one through the groin area. You know string him up by his b–ls. This is a family blog so I can’t really say that word.

Last summer a standing ticket in nose-bleed heaven at Tigers Stadium (I will never, never, call it Comerica Park – what the hell is that anyway? – Comerica. Sounds like some foreigner couldn’t spell.) anyway, last summer said ticket was Five bucks on Yah, that’s right $5.00.

If you could get one from today it would cost you $90. That’s right, 90 bucks. That’s a 360% increase. I thought there was a law against that kinda stuff.

If I had a ticket and tried to sell it to you – and make a coupl’a bucks, you can bet you’re ‘ol mans shorts I’d be down on Beaubien, that’s where Detroit Police Headquarters is.

Them guys wouldn’t be all that freindly talkin’ either. It ain’t like they love scalpers or sumpin’.  But this: This corporate rip-off, which no one will do a thing about is more of the same ‘ol crap. If you own half the town and the ball team youse can charge whateveryouwant. Ain’t nobody goona say nuttin.

The little guy ain’t gotta chanct’. Ta’ hell wit’ ’em. I didn’t wanna go watch no dumb ‘ol ball game anyways.

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