In Detroit sports, perception sometimes is everything. The Lions football team won a game yesterday which moves them all the way to second worst in the league. (Almost! The worst team is 0 and 5, the Lions are 1 and 5. It’s a toss-up for worst team).

However, in watching this phenomenon of professional “klutz,” I was struck by the resemblance between some of the pickup games I played in the Air Force and what I saw at Ford field. I really didn’t see a lot of difference.

I saw dropped balls, downed quarterbacks, recievers on one side of the field, the quarterback on the other. Tackles falling for no reason, backs afraid to get hurt, guards pushing instead of guarding, etc. All-in-all, maybe we played better pickup football than the guys who get the big bucks.

Anyway back to perceptions: I don’t know where I stole this picture from but it says it all about the Lions and the hacks who write about them.


If I owned that team I would call a meeting of everyone involved with the team, feed them a hot-dog, give them a coke to wash it down with then tell them, “you’re all fired .” Your checks will be mailed – there is no one to process them, the office help was fired too – now get out.

Then I would start over. I would go the nearest high school for talent. Those kids have to be better than what I see at Ford Field.

Anyway, that’s what I would do.