Since when has anyone believed the rhetorical garbage surrounding any talk about nuclear disarmament? North Korea joins the nuclear club and the world quakes. If “the world” is so full of brilliant intellectually capable diplomats why hasn’t someone stopped Iran? We can make a fairly certain assumption they will be the next to claim membership in the nuclear community.  

“The breaking of a de-facto global moratorium on nuclear explosive testing that has been in place for nearly a decade and the addition of a new state with nuclear weapon capacity is a clear setback to international commitments to move towards nuclear disarmament,” the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, said in a statement.

All we need do is talk North Korea into testing their next bomb over Iran and the problem will be solved. Iran will implode, China will take out North Korea and the rest of us can go back to telling each other how civilized we are.