Let us not forget it was unregulated illegal immigration that led to the fall of the mighty Roman Empire – eventually undermining traditional Roman culture, sovereignty and rule of law.

First the Goths began to sneak across the border to work as low wage farm hands. Nothing much was done about it, so the Goths brought in their friends and extended family. Hearing of the “open Roman borders”, the Huns came all the way from Mongolia. Then the Visigoths moved in. All of these groups remained separate from Roman society. Most did not speak Latin. They remained as outsiders living within Roman society. Multiculturalism became the norm. Roman identity and culture was gradually eroded. The significance of being a Roman citizen was devalued. After all, anyone could become a Roman, even a Hun.

Finally Emperor Valens in an attempt to restore order, tried to expel the Visigoths in the Battle of Adrianople in 378 CE. Unfortunately Valens was killed and the Roman Army butchered. Rome had lost control over its empire.

Rather than continue to fight the Visigoths, Valens's successor Theodosius tried to appease them. This only worked for a short while. Eventually the Visigoths sacked the eternal city and the mighty Roman Empire of a thousand years began to fall apart.

And it all began with illegal immigration.