According to this report what happened in the London Subway bombings was only a minor part of what was really supposed to happen. So begins the unfolding of a drama:

…Westminster station is 105 feet below sea level. Waterloo tube station is 21.3 metres below the water line. The East London line is 60 feet below sea level at Wapping. Bank station is 136 feet below the busy street above it.

There are 93 miles of deep level tunnel, a large proportion of them below sea level, and all interconnected. The average depth of the tube lines is eighty feet.

30 million litres of water have to be pumped out of the tunnel system even on a normal day. This is enough to fill a municipal swimming pool every 20 minutes and takes 1,030 pumps.

More than five hundred trains run in the tube system at each morning peak period. 34,000 commuters enter the network at Victoria station alone during the three hour morning peak. During the peak period, the Central Line alone carries 30 trains an hour. The Waterloo and City Line runs 19, and the Northern Line carries 30. The other lines are equally busy.

Many of these would have been caught on the outside edge of the area of low-lying central London cut off by the planned four suicide bomber blasts, but scores of trains would have been trapped in the killing zone.


What that is about is that the night before the bombings we watched on Television, Some uniform police in London happened upon a gang with a big, professionally made bomb, took them into custody, then promptly lost them to MI5, Special Branch officers, and unidentified plain clothes police. Where these folks are now is unknown they have vanished. But one of the arresting officers is talking – apparently.

This is a fascinating scenario, and Gates of Vienna  gets the hat tip. What would I do without Dymphna?