I’m having a little problem with Microsoft XP. So, as luck would have it, MS sent me a letter bragging about their services. On the letter was a link to troubleshoot XP. As a good customer I “clicked” the link hoping against my better sense, that MS was actually concerned and might have a solution for me. Here’s what I got in response to clicking on the link they sent me:

We’re sorry, but there is no Microsoft.com Web page that matches your entry. It is possible you typed the address incorrectly, or the page may no longer exist. You may wish to try another entry or choose from the links below, which we hope will help you find what you’re looking for.

Well of course it didn’t work. I must have been dreaming when I thought something MS sent would actually work as touted.

If you will excuse me now, I am going to go into the backyard, scream, then curl up in the fetal position and cry.

Dr. Bob is on a roll again. I love it when he really gets rockin’. I’m predjudiced about the “Coonster,” however, as he is smart and has a way with words I can only dream about.

For instance, in the quote below he says, “motivated stupidity.”I wish I had thought of that when I was ranting yesterday over the “stupidity,” at M.I.T. (post below this one).  What troubles the most, I guess, is that when a school admired for science, as is M.I.T., it becomes obvious that it is only a matter of time until the science professors begin to believe what the philosophy professors spout, because that is the way that it is in reality. (Some things do “inevitably proceed.)”

We can argue forever about this, but it is the ones who teach the young how to think who control what the next generation will think. That is why there are so many morons calling themselves scientists. They are the ones who believe the earth cannot survive the humans she supposedly spawned. If these dunces were able to follow the logic of their brain droppings they would arrive at the only conclusion possible in the “global-warming, we are evolved from nothing,” garbage-scenario they teach: Nature must eliminate what it cannot sustain.That is evolution, isn’t it? If the species human is a problem, evolution will correct itself. What’s the big deal? After all something evolved from nothing certainly can’t be concerned about a future which may be intent on evolving it out of existance, can it?

Anyway Dr. Bob said:

if you can first establish the Big Lie that absolute truth does not exist (or that humans cannot know it), then you have paved the way for people to legitimately believe all kinds of nonsense that results from the “motivated stupidity” of the unconscious. You have, in effect, sanctioned mental illness. Not just sanctioned, but elevated it to the ultimate value. For make no mistake: if you understand what I am saying, then you will understand that multiculturalism, moral relativism, diversity, “tolerance,” and all the other ruling ideas of leftism are not just wrong, but sick. And not just sick, but terminal. They are sickness unto death, in that, once embraced, the mind is strangled by them from the inside out, and cannot grow toward Truth. Rather, the mind can only grow if the person liberates himself from the leftist strait-jacket altogether.

So the sickness, that is leftist thought, produces a Cho, a Columbine, a Ms. Jones at M.I.T., as it slithers along the horizontal plane. (read Dr. Bob for definition) Evolution is only doing what evolution must do. Somehow the left has missed the connection that evolved, relativized thinking must produce and culminate in a Cho, a Columbine, a Ms. Jones, for example. All of these entitys and events were only proceeding on the evolutionary/relative truth path. If truth is relative, as Dr. Bloom pointed out most young people believe, what can possibly be the problem with these recent events? Dr. Bob answers:

… Truth is a living thing, a Being that cannot be reduced to the idolatrous systems of men, especially corrupted men who do not honor Truth to begin with. Most modern and postmodern ideologies and philosophies are opiates for elites too sophisticated for such nonsense as Truth. But like all misused drugs, “Lies gravely affect our mind; they distort the undeveloped organs of the Personality, upon which depends the effort that must lead us to the second Birth…. Even more, lying makes the man who aspires to evolution go backwards” (Mouravieff).

Wouldn’t life be great if everyone admitted “Truth is a living thing, a Being that cannot be reduced to the idolatrous systems of men…?”

That won’t happen anytime soon. Al Gore, Nancy, Harry, Teddy, and Hillary can’t be gods if that is so.  They wouldn’t be able to shape the masses and the President into the image of  the left they have now consecrated as the only true image.

So, I guess I better get used to living in Alice’s Wonderland where the “lie is truth.”  


The NY Times ran this today about M.I.T. Seems a Ms. Jones lied about her qualifications. Her integrity isn’t being questioned, it is a verified fact by her own admission. “I misrepresented my academic degrees when I first applied to M.I.T. 28 years ago and did not have the courage to correct my résumé when I applied for my current job or at any time since,.” Is there another way to say I am a lying b—ch.

“Whenever someone’s integrity is questioned,” (Phillip L. Clay, M.I.T.’s chancellor), said, “it sets a bad example, but I feel like the students can get past that and look at what she’s done for us as a whole.”

I was glad to see the Times actually print something about an American Icon – M.I.T., lying. That to me seems unusual. They don’t really like to talk about liars all that much. You remember Jason Blair and his boss, Raines. A blurb here and line there that was about it. Then there was Walter Duranty. Duranty won the Pulitzer for himself as an employee of the Times by lying to the world about how kind, gentle, caring, and loving Joseph Stalin was. But, it seems its perfectly OK to talk about M.I.T. If it’s about yourself it’s a mistake, a bad example,  but if it’s about your neighbor it’s a sin. We all know that.

However, it should be troubling to anyone whose neurons haven’t been fried by Cocaine, that lying to obtain anything is fraud. Most of the country considers that some kind of crime. Not, however, when you happen to be a bastion of post-modern thought such as M.I.T.

Words have lost their meaning in our culture with no little boost from a Chancellor who “feels,” rather than “thinks” when it comes to issues of integrity. “…it sets a bad example.” You think? Duh! But, of course the students will be able to “get past,” the fraud, deception, selfish-egotism, and cowardice, that prevented 28 years of truthful accountability. What other lies do we live with because of this so-called school.

I would ask this: How can the school trust anything she has done, said, represented, or claimed over the past 28 years. Moreover, how can anyone trust the Chancellor when he dismisses this egregious breach of integrity as “a bad example.”

Jeffrey Dahmer was more than a bad example and Ms. Jones is more than a bad example. Dahmer was a cannibal who lied about his activities, Jones is a fraud who lied to every student, professor, teacher, aide, janitor, and parent, connected with M.I.T., for the past 28 years, concerning her activities. Doesn’t it occur to these people everything she did at M.I.T. was fraudulent because all of it was done under cover of a lie?

If I rob a bank, get away with it, invest the money, and 28 years later get caught, do I get to keep the money? (You know my answer – you can comment with yours) It IS THE SAME THING – PEOPLE. Ms. Jones owes M.I.T., and the people of the state of Massachusetts 28 years worth of salary. She obtained that money fraudulently. Is it beginning to soak in? 

I would ask how many underprivileged Black and Hispanic kids were kept out of that school because of lies told about their eligibility? Will the nation now be thinking about questions of this nature for some time to come. Of course. We are human and like it or not when you lie to me once – your fault, when you do it again – my fault. Years will pass before this “bad example,” is rectified.

But that’s OK! This lying, thieving, fraud, Jones, has gotten enough publicity from her confession to guarantee a best seller on the lying-Times best seller list.

I better go before I get wound up and “set a bad example.”

Okay, okay! I know I need to get some exercise but there are limits. I saw a site that told me to “google” New York, NY to Paris, France directions so I did as I was told. A really nice map appeared as if by magic and next to it in the left hand column was a list of driving directions. Some of them are below.

In particular however, check out number 24. It is that one which reminded me I need some
exercise. I’m really not up to a 3000mile swim. Must be getting old.

19. Take the exit onto I-90 E/Mass Pike/Massachusetts Turnpike toward N.H.-Maine/Boston
Partial toll road 56.0 mi

20. Take exit 24 A-B-C on the left toward I-93 N/Concord NH/S Station/I-93 S/Quincy 0.4 mi

21. Merge onto Atlantic Ave 0.8 mi

22. Turn right at Central St 0.1 mi

23. Turn right at Long Wharf 0.1 mi

24. Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi

25. Slight right at E05 0.5 mi

26. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto E05/Pont Vauban…

Maybe if work at it I can go to Paris next year.

strangebrew20366532070123.gif …this is where we all wind up!

I knew it. This guy Bush, if I am to believe the media, is really pushing the limits of Presiden-

tial authority.

[…]Questions of nation-building, of regime change, of “mission creep,” of congressional versus presidential authority to make war, of negotiation versus confrontation, of “entangling alliances,” and of the “clash of civilizations”—all arose in the first overseas war that the United States ever fought. The “nation-building” that occurred, however, took place not overseas but in the 13 colonies, welded by warfare into something more like a republic[…]

Oh wait! This isn’t about Bush; it is about a guy named Thomas Jefferson and some kind of run in he had with Muslims! Can this be true?

[…]“it (is) written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”[…]

Dr. Sanity has more. I stole the quoted parts from her. (I should set an appointment to deal with my kleptomaniaquotia).

After mass murderers have concluded their evil intentions most of what is written by our media pundits has to do with “illness” of one kind or another. It isn’t often that thoughtful pieces surface directly addressing the actual problem – EVIL.  

The pills didn’t stop Cho, because evil is not an illness to be excised. Like good, evil is a human trait.

A well-aimed bullet would have stopped Cho. But gun-free zones are not the only areas in need of reclamation. The concept of the individual as a responsible, self-determining agent is the foundation of a free society. Liberty requires that psychiatric mumbo-jumbo not be allowed to oust morality.

World Net Daily hosts the entire article by Ilana Mercer. I recommend it particularly to those in charge at VT who have deluded themselves by the idea that mankind is basically “good.” It is not: Mankind is basically EVIL.

I particularly like the last sentence in the quoted section above: “Liberty requires that psychiatric mumbo-jumbo not be allowed to oust morality.


According to the NY Times the cold-blooded killer immigrant from Korea, who massacred 32 people in Virginia should not have been able to purchase guns. After all what are these stupid well-written gun laws for if not to prevent just what happened. Oh, wait a minute: A crazy person bent on murder doesn’t really care about our stupid well-written laws does he? A crazy person generally does what the voices tell him to do.

Mr. Bonnie, the director of the University of Virginia Institute on Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy, said his panel would look into the matter. “We are going to fix this,” he said.

I do feel a lot better by this forceful move on the part of “Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy,” however. I feel reassured by Mr. Bonkers  Bonnie that “(They) are going to fix this.” Maybe he can put the fellow pictured below back in his barn, while he’s at it, or a least try to figure out what a barn is for. Then Mr Bonnie might have his committee investigate whether or not it would be a good idea whether or not to have a latch on the door.  

Better yet why don’t the folks in Virginia try to determine if the fellow pictured above really needs to be in a barn. They obviously can’t tell from their own criteria that a mental patient who is determined by their own laws to be a “danger to himself and others,” shouldn’t be walking among us with the ability to purchase guns.

WASHINGTON, April 20 — Under federal law, the Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho should have been prohibited from buying a gun after a Virginia court declared him to be a danger to himself in late 2005 and sent him for psychiatric treatment, a state official and several legal experts said Friday.

“Should have been prohibited…”  Forget the should’s and ought’s of reality  – get back to the important stuff. 

Has the I-man been fired yet. If not, why not? Did Pelosi really kiss that guy in Syria? Does anyone know? Hey, who’s the Father of the what’shername’s baby? What happened on American Idol last week, we need to know these real things?

Oh Wow! I almost forgot! Talk about reality: did you hear what that actor, oh what is his name? oh yah – I remember, Alec Baldwin called his 11 or 12 (his words not mine) year old daughter? He called her a “little pig.” Talk about child abuse. If the I-man did get fired, shouldn’t Baldwin be looking for another career?

The New York Times this morning has an interesting article about the way “the law” limits options (read ties the hands) of University Officials.

Federal privacy and antidiscrimination laws restrict how universities can deal with students who have mental health problems. […]

“[…]What we really need to do is encourage students to seek mental health treatment if they need it, to remove any barriers to their getting help, destigmatize it, and make it safe, so they know there won’t be negative consequences,” said Karen Bower, a lawyer at the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law in Washington, who represented Mr. Nott. […]

“[…]They can’t really kick someone out because they’re writing papers about weird topics, even if they seem withdrawn and hostile,” said Dr. Richard Kadison, chief of mental health services at Harvard University. “Most state laws are pretty clear: you can only bring students to hospitals if there is imminent risk to themselves or someone else, so universities are in a bit of a bind that way.” […]

Some of what is quoted in this story is indicative of one thing, I believe, our legal system is insane and should be sent for counseling. For instance, If I have read Dr. Sanity correctly over the years, someone who is insane does not necessarily know that fact. 

If I wear my protective tinfoil hat to keep the mothership from contacting me, and you don’t wear the hat I made for you, I’m not crazy you are.  Everyone knows you are going to get your brain-waves altered. You are absolutely insane.

To prove you are insane it is only necessary you read “the law,” you have allowed to be codified in the United States of America.

Lawyers and Judges,  have twisted so-called individual rights to mean you are not allowed to tell me I’m crazy, let alone do anything about it.

“What we really need to do is encourage students to seek mental health treatment if they need it…,” 

Herein lies the insanity; if I believe the mother ship is sending me brain altering signals does it not follow that a non-insane person would reason I am incapable of recognizing my need for help. In my world I’m not crazy: You are. You are the ones ignoring the signals from the mothership, therefore I must take drastic action.

However, you don’t know I’m considering drastic action because you have not considered the effectiveness of my tin-foil hat. It works, and it works quite well, thank you. You and your kind cannot penetrate the protection of my hat. My hat is awesome, without it I would be crazy.

You can’t possibly know that my hat has informed me to bide my time, act like you act, and on the appointed day carry out the “final solution,” as outlined in the prime directive.  Moreover, even if you do penetrate the force field my hat arrays, you have written some kind of stupid law which says:

“you can only bring students to hospitals if there is imminent risk to themselves or someone else.”

That sentence should speak volumes to sane people, but it obviously doesn’t. Since you can’t know what kind of risk I am unless I tell you in advance I will not get help – will I? Of course, I’m not going to tell you about the communications I receive through my hat because I still understand well enough to know you will attempt to stop me and the prime directive says my mission must be carried out no matter what.

You have made a law tying your hands as regards me, and you have also made it a crime to defend yourselves from me. Who is the crazy person here? I know it isn’t me, therefore, it must be you. Duh!

I have to go now, the mothership has penetrated my shield and I’m getting some very strange instructions that the prime directive says I must carry out.

If I were a student at Virginia Tech and this crazy writing was a Creative Writing assignment, what can you do? Nothing. 

And you call me crazy.

Supposedly Virginia has some kind of law banning guns on college grounds. It doesn’t appear to be working very well. (You know what I’m talking about). It does however, give so-called law makers a few headlines. After all isn’t that the most important activity for elected officials: Posture for the cameras, and suck-up to the cowardly, and the moronic who believe “gun laws,” solve problems.

 Laws against things never seem to work very well. Israel has laws against suicide bombers. We know how those are working out, don’t we? We have all sorts of laws against guns and they do not seem to work out very well.

I’m getting older so of course I really don’t care a whole lot about any of this, other than I hate to see people killed, when by law they are not allowed to defend themselves. I would, however, like to hear an anti-gun person, just once before I die, say: “You should carry a gun for self-protection because, drug dealers, thieves, murderers, the psychopathic, will use them when they go on rampage. You really need to be able to defend yourselves.”

We all know I am more apt to see a pig flying into my tree to roost before that will happen. Therefore, to any who might be inclined to come around my neighborhood or the mall where I shop or the nearby school with evil intent be advised; I may or may not have this (see picture below) concealed on my person and I will use it to defend myself, my neighbor, the school kids, the innocent Moms nearby.

Oh, BTW, I use the softest lead bullets I can safely fire. Do you have any idea what those will do you on the way in and out of your flesh? It is not pretty and whatever part of you I hit probably won’t work very well if it ever heals.

So for those of you who may be thinking about mayhem in my vicinity, try to remember I will defend myself, my wife, my kids and their kids, their friends – well you get the idea.

While I’m on the subject.

The young man pictured above is not Marshall Dillon. He is not paid to confront criminally insane people who are shooting other people. He is paid to clean up the mess left by those folks. If you are ever part of a mess being created for him to clean up, you had better have a gun of your own. He is not coming to your rescue. He breaks down doors when the shooting is over – not before. That hero crap is for fantasy TV.

This young man is going to hide behind a tree, a building, a truck, a barrel, anything – and I don’t blame him – because even though he has a gun he doesn’t want to get shot either. If you are right in front of him pointing a gun at him, then he will shoot. It’s called self defense. What a novel concept!

Isn’t it time we pass a law requiring our law-makers to be examined by several doctors to determine if they in fact have a brain, you know the actual organ,  before they are sworn into office? I fear many of our law makers lack this vital body component.

The only gun law we should have is the one requiring everyone over the age of 21 to own, learn to shoot, and carry a gun. Those under 21 but over 12 may do so if they

Perhaps these kinds of incidents would still occur but I would feel safer – not more wary – knowing you might have a gun to protect yourself and me.

The scariest feeling in the world, if you stop to think about it, is knowing that psychopaths, drug dealers, thieves, walk among us and may have weapons and we law abiding citizens do not. That’s scary.